Coworking space

We want to establish a coworking space in Prievidza town.

Coworking is a way of working and making business in flexible office environment which is shared with other freelancing people. It is also a community, which is sharing not just the space but also values, experience and ideas, thus benefiting from the synergies coming out from the concentration of talented and creative people at one place.

Coworking spaces are standard in other Slovak cities and during last few years they are being established also in smaller district towns such as Prievidza.


Our product will be a complex service of business support in the region founded on 3 pillars: space, education and community. For last few years we are working on the community building and its education. Soon we shall be looking more actively for a physical space.

Currently we are organizing once in a month regular meet ups of people with entrepreneurial spirit (not necessarily businessmen). This events are focused on networking where the participants share their experience and stories to inspire and motivate each other as well as to learn from each other. At the same time we organize educational workshops or trainings once in a month which are related to entrepreneurship, start-ups, self-employment and various business-related skills.

We are connecting private, public and nonprofit sectors where we have identified several partners for our activities. Everybody is welcomed… the most important is the desire to be an honest community member and the will to contribute towards region’s development.

Our contact information and links to social medias can be found here.

The partners we cooperate with are here (organizations, media, companies and coworking spaces).

The team and the contacts are here.

Some photos from our events are here.