Our vision is a region where people overcame the stigma of mining industry which used to bloom but now it is on a decline and they took the responsibility for the region into their hands to be active and creative in activities supporting regional development and creation of employment opportunities.

Our mission is to create and nurture viable and sustainable community of innovative, ethical and social entrepreneurs and to enforce the entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

Our motto is: “The capital is too far (and even infrastructurally bad connected to Prievidza), so we have to help to ourselves.”

We organize various educational events and regular meet ups of entrepreneurs from the region.

We connect private, public and nonprofit sector where we have identified several partners for our activities.


The objective of the association is to provide educational, organizational and counseling services as well as financial support to empower the education, horizons and key competencies of people who plan to start their own business, they are just starting a business or people who are working in the field of social innovations. This direct or indirect support should boost their business projects and social entrepreneurship projects and incubate or escalate them to the real life.

Our initiative exists more than 2 years and we are still in the process of learning and gaining experience. We are team of young people (30+), mainly returnees who decided to settle down in the region after living abroad or in the capital There are various skills and knowledge in our team, such as establishment and running a business (in different legal forms), running a family company, work with Roma communities, project management and implementation of development and humanitarian projects, IT, architecture and urbanism. Currently we are working mainly with our age group, but this year we shall start regular cooperation with local secondary schools. We plan to work more with the youth and youngsters as we fully understand that they are the future of our region.

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